This one number explains how China is taking over the world

Whether it’s the renminbi/yuan or the Euro, for example, the world could indeed live on without the Dollar and has already created a way to circumvent it — just as the BRICS nations are attempting to launch their own internet system, separate from the currently U.S. dominated version. This article serves as a case-in-point.



An announcement Tuesday by the obscure-sounding Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, better known as SWIFT, may not get much ink. China’s currency, it reported, was used in 8.66 percent of global trade finance transactions in October, the group said. It’s now the No. 2 most widely used currency for trade finance, supplanting the euro.

But that is a lot more important than it might sound. It gives an important window into how the global economy is changing–and why America’s long reign of economic dominance is at risk. Continue reading