2 responses to “Friends & Network

  1. Hello ,
    Since i`m not quite sure how to get in touch with you guys , i`m just gonna give it a try with this comment .

    I was wondering on how i can become an affiliate or part of the network . I`m a big fan of glblgeopolitics and i`d be an honor to be part of the “group”.

    My blog follows the same subject , newly made but will be updated daily with content . Furthermore , i have a major in philosophy , in case you are wondering what kind of “credentials” i might have .

    Can be reached back on citizen.doe@hotmail.com , the blog being mindofdoe.wordpress.com .
    Thank you for your time and have a great day !

    • Hello mindofdoe,

      Thanks for getting in touch. At the moment the list will remain as is. Sometime in the future, however, there will be an update which will open up the door for new partners and resources.

      Best regards,


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