Russian hacker group targetting largest EU banks

Russia’s central bank and the government are working together to fight banking hacker group Buhtrap.

An official spokesman of Xenia Yudaeva, the first Deputy Chairman of the Russian Central Bank, told that the hacker group uses sophisticated cyber-attacks, the most recent of which allowed it to steal about RUB 600 million £6.3 million) from Metallinvestbank, one of Russia’s largest banks.  

Xenia Yudaeva commented: “Over the last six months the group has carried out 13 successful cyber-attacks, and in two cases the amount stolen has been 2.5 times higher than the statutory capital of the bank. Most attacks took place with the use of phishing emails, that were purportedly sent on the behalf of the Central Bank. Malicious malware attached to the message allowed criminals to find computers in the corporate network of these banks that have their workstations at clients of the Russian Central Bank, and to upload remote management tools on them. The anti-virus software at the banks did not recognise the programs that were used by Buhtrap as malicious. After successful connecting the hackers created fraudulent money orders and sent them for execution.”

Full article: Russian hacker group targetting largest EU banks (SC Magazine UK)

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