Soros-Funded Far-Left Group Launches U.S. Branch

A group undermining other hate groups, among others, with nefarious purposes is still a hate group.


Soros-Funded Far-Left Group Launches U.S. Branch

Hope not Hate, a United Kingdom-based political non-profit, has announced it has launched a U.S. branch, and that it intends to infiltrate right-wing groups. HnH receives funding both from George Soros and the UK government.


The organization, which is also known as HnH, posted Monday the following statement on Twitter:

“You bring your tiki torches. We’ll bring our undercover operatives.”  It followed that by retweeting the original message Tuesday with the following addendum: “We’re coming to the USA. Are you with us?”

In the UK, HnH has focused much of its attention on bashing conservative groups and political parties, like Nigel Farage’s UK Independence Party and the BREXIT “leave” campaign. The new message seems to suggest the group would be targeting the so-called “alt-right” by lumping right-wing conservatives with white supremacists.

The “undercover operatives” statement is also troubling. With the violence already taking place with Antifa “counter-protesters” at conservative rallies around the country, attempting to infiltrate conservative groups with potentially nefarious intent will only make matters worse.

Hope not Hate receives direct funding from George Soros, and has frequently gone to great lengths to defend him from conservative criticism. But, it also receives funding, as a non-profit “charity,” from the UK government. Labor Party MP Ruth Smeeth sits upon its board of directors.

Taking the HnH message in its most literal sense is chilling: a foreign-funded organization has announced it intends to set up a spy ring in the U.S.

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