Are We Moving to a New World Order? Is Pax Americana Dead?

This is why it’s important to understand and to take into account that what’s coming is not the end of the world, rather the end of America which will bring down the Western-dominated world.


World-historical changes are not conveniently demarcated by the turn of the centuries, but the 21st century looks like the opening of a new “paradigm” that might replace what has been called “The Modern Era” itself.

The U.S. obviously wanted an agreement more than Iran did. Every long-held American position was diluted or dropped as the Iranians became spectators serenely awaiting the sure-to-come moment when the Americans would capitulate yet again. Diplomacy without strength is a futile undertaking, adding poignancy to the U.S. explanation that our situation was so intrinsically weak that we had to accept “the best deal we could get.” Of the deal’s many oddities the strangest was to negotiate on how Iran would break the deal or see it disappear at the end of a specified time. Continue reading