Russia to acquire cutting-edge tracking system by late 2013 – report

From the state-run Soviet propaganda website, Russia Today:

A global surveillance intelligence system being finalized in Russia will track down anything that flies, sails or drives from thousands of kilometers away, a Defense Ministry source says. The system allegedly detects all known stealth technology.

­The Multi Intelligence Information System (MIIS) promises to be more effective than existing airborne, space and radar reconnaissance combined, a source in the Defense Ministry informed Izvestia daily.

The tech specs of the program are most likely to stay top secret for years to come, but the source explained that modus operandi of the system is locating and tracking man-made objects and mechanisms which use waves of a different nature while operating.

“Every civilian or military object, be it airborne or on the ground, uses various systems emitting radio waves. It could be radar stations, communication systems, navigation GPS and GLONASS complexes, radio altimeters etc. Aircrafts have thermal and other sorts of wave emissions. The principles of physics cannot be escaped, even by American stealth B2 and F22 military aircraft. The task of MIIS is to spot such emissions, get exact coordinates and track the movement,” the source shared. Continue reading