Watch for U.S. recession, zero interest rates in China next year, Citi says

Lets get one thing straight. The U.S. economy crashed in 2008 and never recovered since. The amount of Americans out of work (95,000,000+) alone prove just that, yet we’re told a second recession is coming. Since we never recovered, this statement essentially means the second wave of the crash is coming. If you’re wondering why the normally-thought-of ensuing chaos hasn’t happened after the crash, it’s because America is in the free-fall phase. Simply put: The chaos doesn’t ensue until impact at the bottom. Those who see the free-fall are making preparations to take cover and those who are blissfully unaware will continue to remain blissfully unaware.

The moral of the story is: If anyone you know or talk to ever asks you when the economy is supposed to crash, tell them 2008.


LONDON (Reuters) – The outlook for the global economy next year is darkening, with a U.S. recession and China becoming the first major emerging market to slash interest rates to zero both potential scenarios, according to Citi. Continue reading