Germany’s Bundeswehr established drills against invasions and popular uprising

Much like China, Germany is becoming more stealthy with what they do inland. The original article was in German and is roughly translated via Google Translate.

Completely unnoticed by the public, the Bundeswehr was rehearsing in a large maneuver the invasion of a foreign state and the use of a popular uprising against the Special Forces “Crowd Riot Control” (CRC).

In large-scale maneuvers , the Bundeswehr rehearsed the invasion of a foreign country and use against a popular uprising. A total of 3,500 soldiers and 700 land and air vehicles participated in the so-called “training exercise information” part. An Air Force officer praised the exercise because of their practicality in the words: “You develop a better understanding if you feel the matter, when you see them, you have to smell the gunpowder and hear the noise.” Continue reading