EXCLUSIVE: ISIS on brink of COMPLETE control of Syria and Jordan is NEXT, warns expert

For new readers or those who happened to miss it, please see a previous post explaining how dangerous the situation in Syria has become and the various possible future implications of it. It’s beginning to spiral out of control at an even faster rate now and one shouldn’t be surprised to see major regional wars break out, possibly world war.


ISLAMIC STATE (ISIS) are just “one or two major events” from gaining complete control of war-torn Syria, a Middle East expert has claimed.

Militants for the terrorist group this week seized huge phosphate mines depriving the Syrian regime of a desperately-needed revenue source.

Doctor Natasha Underhill, an expert from on terrorism in the Middle East, said ISIS does not have the capabilities to profit financially from the mines or use it for weapons.

However, she said the latest development does put Syria – and the rule of brutal dictator Bashar Al-Assad – on the verge of disintegration. Continue reading