Tactical Nuclear Weapons: North Korea’s Next Lethal Weapon of War?

This article demonstrates one of the more dangerous aspects about North Korea: The perception that it isn’t capable of anything. Kim Jong Un, who has always gotten away with making threats, one day going to make good on his threats because people dismissed and laughed at every one of them. Remember, there’s still a possible EMP satellite making passes over the American homeland, plus a mini submarine that’s been “missing” for weeks now.


On March 2, 2016, Kim Jong Un gave direction to the military to “get the nuclear warheads deployed for national defense always on standby so as to be fired at any moment.” The North reiterated versions of this formulation for days afterwards, including a “preemptive nuclear strike of justice.” These threats drew international attention because of concerns about the prospect of imminent violence, particularly in the wake of unprecedented UN sanctions and the kickoff of Key Resolve, the combined US-ROK annual military exercise. Continue reading