PLA Navy will have 415 warships in near future: US expert

Meanwhile, the U.S. will have only a bit over 300 ships by 2020. The balance of power is shifting before our eyes and a new chapter in world history will open up, especially as China strengthens its alliance with Russia to form One Clenched Fist.


James Fanell, the former director of the US Pacific Fleet’s intelligence and information, predicted China will eventually have about 415 warships including four aircraft carriers and 100 submarines in the near future while attending a two-day conference held by the US Naval War College’s China Maritime Studies Institute in Newport, Rhode Island last week, reports the Defense News. Continue reading

Islamic State jihadists may infect themselves to spread Ebola in the West

Sooner, rather than later America just might wake up and see this is what could’ve happened all along. Ebola can in fact be weaponized and was done by the Soviet Union by the tons. This likely possibility is only now being picked up on by the media.


ISLAMIC State members could be planning to infect themselves with Ebola and travelling to the West, waging bio-terror as “suicide bombs”, according to a military expert.

Captain Al Shimkus, Ret., a Professor of National Security Affairs at the US Naval War College, said terrorist groups like IS could easily use human carriers to widely disseminate the deadly virus via the world’s air transportation system.

“The individual exposed to the Ebola virus would be the carrier,” Shimkus told Forbes.

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Global “great power politics” returns to Mideast

“What we are seeing is the U.S. losing its ability to shape events in the region, even though it remains by far the pre-eminent military power,” says Waleed Hazbun, director of the Centre for Arab and Middle Eastern Studies at the American University in Beirut.

“You’re seeing others moving in to fill the gap.”

In some ways, experts say, there are echoes of 19th and 20th century scrambles for resources, territory and influence.

“Bottom line: there will be more players in the sandbox,” says Hayat Alvi, lecturer in Middle Eastern studies at the US Naval War College. “The Middle East has always been the venue for the “Great Game.”.. Rising powers will see opportunities and advantages in engaging in (that), just like the colonial powers.”

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