Report: Pentagon Has No Plan For Troops, Military Assets

The Pentagon has failed to produce a legally mandated policy report that outlines to Congress its upcoming plans for overseas troop deployments and the allocation of military hardware, according to an oversight report.

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is required by law to inform Congress about its plans and strategy for the military. However, officials have failed to issue any policy and it could be months before a concrete plan emerges, according to Department of Defense officials who spoke to the Government Accountability Office (GAO).

The Pentagon’s failure to craft a “warfighter support” plan for America’s military operations means that Congress cannot provide the required oversight over these critical plans.

As of mid-April, the DoD “has not established a policy or submitted an implementation plan to congressional committees as mandated by public law,” according to a newly issued GAO report.

The Pentagon says that the major policy document will not be ready until at least November 15, according to one “senior DoD official” who spoke to the GAO. Continue reading

The Great Pacific Panic

As a trend that is to predictably go on with this administration, a lack of support from the United States shall result in fractured relations with its allies in Asia. Having said this, and knowing they can’t stand on their own, our partners across the Pacific will eventually abandon America while seeking out new partners. The likelyhood of this is increased especially knowing the United States is on the decline politically, economically and militarily. Culture-wise, countries such as Japan and South Korea have more in common with the Chinese than the United States.

In the future, we will see a trend in which traditional allies are to shift alliances from the US and into Chinese sphere of political and economic influence, as well as military umbrella. Administrations such as the ones we have today in the White House make the choice much clearer for those already pondering whether or not to switch sides. America has chosen to start distancing itself from traditional friendly partners and embrace traditional enemies, or cave into their demands.

In addition, those that know their geopolitics or international relations know there is no such thing as “allies” in the real world, only interests.

The United States is not supporting key regional allies and friends currently engaged in maritime and other disputes with China amid growing aggressiveness by Beijing, the commander of U.S. forces in the Pacific said on Thursday.

Adm. Samuel Locklear III, U.S. Pacific Command commander, told reporters at the Pentagon that China’s pressure on Southeast and Northeast Asian states is “complicated” by historical differences and the search for energy and other resources. Continue reading