US Navy Resurrects Its Cold War-Era Atlantic Fleet To Counter Russia


In a stunning surprise, the United States Navy announced Friday that it would reactivate its Second Fleet to counter the increasing threat from Russia.

Admiral John Richardson, chief of naval operations, said the fleet, deactivated in 2011, could oversee roughly 6,700,000 square miles of the Atlantic Ocean from the North Pole to the Caribbean Sea and from the East Coast of the United States to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Our National Defense Strategy makes clear that we’re back in an era of great power competition as the security environment continues to grow more challenging and complex,” said Admiral Richardson. Continue reading

Suck it out: Chubby military personnel are getting liposuction to pass Pentagon’s body fat test

A small minority of people who are an exception to the rule are being exploited to degrade military standards, thus killing it from within. This is one of many cases that are overly exaggerated and used to weaken the normal order of things, such as the level of sexual harrassment. The level of expertise these ‘fitness experts’ posess might also want to be called into question.

  • Military personnel are getting liposuction to pass the Pentagon’s body fat test
  • The Defense Department’s method of estimating body fat is considered unfair because it knocks out personnel with muscular builds
  • Fitness experts claim the military’s fitness standards are outdated and don’t reflect that Americans are bigger
  • Personnel can get kicked out of the military if they don’t pass tests
  • The number of Army soldiers booted for being overweight has jumped tenfold in the past five years

‘They come in panicked about being kicked out or getting a demerit that will hurt their chances at a promotion,’ said the Rockville, Md., surgeon.

Some service members say they have no other choice because the Defense Department’s method of estimating body fat is weeding out not just flabby physiques but bulkier, muscular builds. Continue reading