US-Saudi arms mega deal looks to counter Iran


Washington has announced a bumper arms deal with Saudi Arabia, heralding the package as a major boost to long-standing security ties and a way to further isolate Iran.

Administration officials claim the agreement — worth $110 billion over the next decade — is the biggest single arms deal in American history, and it will see US defense firms flow everything from ships and tanks to the latest anti-missile systems to the kingdom.

The deal also reportedly includes the renewed sale of precision-guided munitions that had been blocked under president Barack Obama’s administration, for fear the Saudis would use them on civilian targets in Yemen, where Riyadh is prosecuting a war against Iranian-backed Huthi rebels. Continue reading

U.S. now wants to increase arms sales to Egypt after rivals moved to fill vacuum

The Obama administration has approved the sale of additional fighter jets and attack helicopters to Egypt.

The move came amid improved relations between Washington and Cairo and after U.S. defense firms voiced concern that a major market was slipping away in the wake of recent sales by France and Russia to Egypt. Continue reading