Surprising shift to Israel by Turkey’s Erdogan tied to natural gas reserves

Apparently it just dawned on NATO’s most misbehaving member that they get most of their energy resources from the Soviets. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Erdogan is suddenly attempting to be Israel’s best friend. The best thing Israel could do is outright reject Turkey’s reaching out and sell their gas to Europe. Turkey has proven itself untrustworthy.

Ironically, this bi-polar behavior reminds us of the current Argentina-Great Britain relations. Argentina never had a problem with the Falkland Islands being British territory for over 200 years, that is until vast natural resources were discovered around the vicinity. Now the Argentinians are suddenly outraged at the foreign British invaders who are stealing their oil.


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan surprised Israel on Dec. 14 by saying Ankara has much to gain from “normalization” of relations with Jerusalem.

Erdogan has been a harsh critic of Israel and even voiced support for Arab terrorism in the Jewish state. His motive for “normalizing” ties is likely Israel’s vast reserves of natural gas. Continue reading