Trump Puts Europe on Notice


President Donald Trump’s “America first” policy has world leaders “quaking in their boots,” Charles Krauthammer said after the inauguration. President Trump’s tough stance against NATO is forcing Europe, especially Germany, to rethink how it will defend itself without America’s help. On today’s program, Stephen Flurry discusses what to expect in Europe as America turns inward. Continue reading

Russia’s Rise, the Ayatollah’s Big Victory and China’s First Military Outpost


After Sept. 11, 2001, Western leaders told people to go about their daily lives or else “the terrorists would win.” Fifteen years later, the advice is that we must now learn to live with terrorism. Nations like France and Germany are responding to the threat of potentially large attacks by canceling large events and encouraging citizens to stockpile food. George Friedman recently wrote, “[T]he whole point of terrorism is to take the population to the point where fear is the only rational response.” The terrorists have continued to push, and now they are clearly winning. Listen to Stephen Flurry discuss more on this topic on today’s show. Continue reading

The California Nightmare, the West’s Moral Oblivion, and China Sets the Stage for the Next World War


What’s wrong with California? Fifty years ago, California was America’s “number one state.” Today, it’s known for high taxes, droughts, deteriorating infrastructure, and a plummeting education system. Is California cursed? In today’s show, Stephen Flurry discusses this nightmare as well as the darkening scene in the Middle East and Asia. Continue reading

Headline: ‘The Rise of a German Superstate’!h.355,id.14403,,w.640

Caption: A statue of Charlemagne ( italia)


Britain’s departure from the European Union has ignited a new push to reshape Europe. Headlines are appearing almost daily warning about the rise of a “German superstate” and a more integrated, core group of European nations. To students of Bible prophecy, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. For over 70 years, Herbert W. Armstrong warned about a coming united Europe with Germany at the helm. The Bible explains that Europe will soon be cut down to a union of 10 kings who will give their power to Germany. On today’s show, listen to Stephen Flurry discuss how rapidly these prophecies are being fulfilled. Continue reading

Obama: ‘No Nation Dares to Attack Us’; and Pressure Mounts on Angela Merkel


Listen to the Trumpet Daily radio program that aired on January 13. Continue reading

Trumpet Daily: Germany Conquers Greece and the United States Surrenders to Iran


Listen to the Trumpet Daily radio program that aired on July 14.

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