Europe’s Controlled Demolition

Many people see the crisis with Greece, not so many see the danger to the global economy. Fewer people see Greece is being forced to its knees by Germany’s Fourth Reich running the EU and Troika. Even less people see the Euro was designed to fail and that a United States of Europe will be formed out of the intended chaos. You have to break nations, force them to capitulate and turn them into a vassal state before you can reshape them and fit into your desired plan. This is the goal of the crisis, as nations were purposely let in even though they were known to not be even close to eligible and that a future crisis would arise.

What’s taking place before your eyes is a new chapter in world history, as best described in the previous article:

Why the Euro Is Heading for an Earthshaking Crisis


I have plenty to say on the topic of this essay. But the most important thing I think is that I know the EU is blowing up itself by trying to exert far too much influence on the very member nations that made its existence possible. Brussels is a blind city. To see it blowing itself to smithereens makes me very happy.

The flipside is that it will take a lot of pain, and probably even the very wars the EU was originally founded to prevent, to figuratively burn it to the ground. But that, if you’ll alow me, is for another day:

Loads of good words published today on EC President Jean-Claude Juncker and the Greeks, and the crop gets creamier, there’s fake Nobles winners and all joining in, but this is not a new issue, guys, and the lot of you are quite late to the game. Continue reading