SCO Must Develop Measures to React to Threats Against Member States

And now the military side of the SCO will begin showing its teeth. These comments set the tone.

With India and Pakistan to be accepted into the club as early as Monday, the U.S., who is already suiciding itself out of existence, is going to have a serious problem on its hands — and is not prepared. Russia is also a full-fledged member.

If you ever wanted to see the 200 million man army written in Bible prophecy, this is a good candidate. The SCO is a world war axis and the sword is coming.


Chinese leader Xi Jinping said that BRICS countries have to react and jointly protect the security of power, political order, social stability in all member states of the organization.

UFA (Sputnik) — The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) needs to develop measures to react to threats if member countries’ state order is threatened, Chinese leader Xi Jinping said on Friday. Continue reading