Satellite images reveal massive underground bunker at China’s naval facility in Djibouti

Satellite image shows bunker complex at China’s base in Djibouti. / Stratfor / Twitter


Satellite images show that China may be gearing up to use its new military base in Djibouti as far more than just the naval logistics hub Beijing claims it to be, analysts say.

Other than a noticeable lack of docks at the facility, one feature that stood out in the images was a 250,000-square-foot underground bunker complex. Continue reading

Homeland Security warns of hackers targeting popular Niagara software

The Department of Homeland Security on Friday warned that a popular system used by organizations around the world to manage millions of machines and devices over the Internet is vulnerable to attack from hackers.

The software system known as the Niagara Framework enables corporate, military, health-care and other users to remotely control or monitor medical devices, elevators, video cameras, security systems and a wide array of other sensitive operations.

In an alert issued Friday, cybersecurity officials said that Niagara users should immediately prohibit guest users, bolster passwords, cut off direct access to the Internet and take other steps to prevent hackers from exploiting configuration and software flaws.

Last week, Niagara’s maker, Richmond-based Tridium, privately warned customers about security problems. On Thursday, months after the firm was first notified of the issues, Tridium released a public alert.

Tridium’s parent company, Honeywell, issued a statement Friday responding to the alert.

Full article: Homeland Security warns of hackers targeting popular Niagara software (Washington Post)