Schäuble Warns of “Sudden” Greek Default

In the end, all roads lead back to Berlin’s Fourth Reich which controls the entire European Union through its Troika economic pressure groups. As The Telegraph points out, the ECB is one such example.

For those that have paid attention long enough, you will have come to realize the entire system was designed to fail. You cannot logically combine so many diverse countries with differing economies and cultures. What’s been done is by design and a means to an end. Create the crisis and provide the ready-made solution.


The governments of Greece – new and old – screwed up. Other debt-sinner countries are able to borrow at near-zero or negative interest rates, simply taking money from investors with a promise to return it on a given day in the future if investors give it new money to do so. These investors, it must be said, had their brains washed by the ECB and other central banks in order to allow this to happen. But the governments of Greece somehow missed that gravy train.

Now, no one wants to lend Greece money at negative interest rates, least of all the Greeks themselves, who know their governments better than anyone else on the planet and have less trust in it than anyone else on the planet: they’re yanking their euros out of their banks even as the ECB is propping them up with fresh euros that ultimately belong to taxpayers elsewhere. Continue reading