Berlin’s New Secretary of State is Pro-Sharia Law Conservative Muslim


Sawsan Chebli (Getty)


The daughter of Palestinian immigrants is to be the Berlin senate’s secretary of state for coordinating federal and state affairs, but attention has focused on her recent remarks in support of Sharia law.

Berlin state senate member, former deputy speaker for foreign affairs and Muslim rising star of German politics Sawsan Chebli is to get a new cabinet post. The appointment by the Red-Red-Green coalition government has caused concern after a recent interview in which she expressed her view that Sharia law was perfectly compatable with secular German society. Continue reading

Germany: Assad regime buys oil from ISIL

The German government has accused the Bashar al-Assad regime of buying oil from the ISIL organization, which Damascus had previously designated as its enemy.

German Foreign Ministry deputy spokeswoman Sawsan Chebli told a news conference in Berlin on Tuesday that there was evidence of oil transactions between the Assad regime and ISIL. Continue reading