We Own It: Russian Bishop ‘Consecrates’ Arctic Ocean

However bizarre it may be… While the US sits idly and continues to regulate its own energy industry to death, Russia continues its Artic land grab. It’s also slant-drilling into US oil reserves off of Cuba and near the borderlines of Alaska.

Russia has taken a bizarre step to declare its “ownership” of the Arctic Ocean region by having a Russian Orthodox bishop “consecrate” the North Pole on behalf of the church.

According to the Daily Telegraph, a bishop named Iakov of the northern Naryan-Mar (which lies north of the Arctic Circle) placed a “holy memorial capsule” into the icy sea while aboard the Rossiya, a nuclear-powered icebreaker during a polar expedition arranged by Russia’s Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute.

The capsule featured an inscription that read: “With the blessing of Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia, the consecration of the North Pole marks 1,150 years of Russian Statehood.”

Full article: We Own It: Russian Bishop ‘Consecrates’ Arctic Ocean (International Business Times)