United States Department of State spokesman, John Kirby: Russia will continue to send troops home in body bags, and they will continue to lose resources…

After viewing the video, it’s clear that America has gone astray under the current administration — very astray.

This daily press briefing tells us a number of things:

  • The United States under the Obama administration has gone totally insane.
  • It gives credence to the fact that America created ISIS.
  • America is using ISIS as a proxy to undermine or overthrow nation states.
  • America is threatening to use ISIS to enter into Russia and attack Russian cities.
  • America wants war with Russia.

Wars and rumors of war. Whether or not war with Russia will actually happen is anyone’s guess. Things are heating up so badly, however, that it cannot be dismissed.

You can’t make this up. It was officially said:



QUESTION: John, I’d just like to take another crack at Arshad’s question. If you’re going to get any kind of agreement, you have to have some leverage, and that can be positive and negative reinforcements. So you’ve said what’s in it – the agreement for the Russians is the possibility of military collaboration, this Joint Implementation Center. That’s something they want. But what I don’t think we have heard here is, so what are the consequences for Russia if this agreement falls through beyond some interagency discussions about options that have not yet been chosen? What are the consequences for Russia other than Secretary Kerry won’t talk to them on this particular issue going forward?

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