Russia cannot hope to match global might of America, says Barack Obama in warning to Vladimir Putin

As actions speak louder than words, the continious degredation, budget cuts and personnel purge within the U.S. Military trumps hollow talking points. The sanctions were a laughing stock, especially since one of the targets has no investments in the USA whatsoever, but only interests in Tupac Shakur and other forms of culture.

The US President, Barack Obama, has issued a warning to Russia’s Vladimir Putin to keep his troops out of Ukraine or face even tougher sanctions, calling Russia a “regional power” which would struggle to compete with America’s global influence.

So far, Washington and the European Union (EU) have responded to President Putin’s annexation of Crimea this month with sanctions on dozens of individuals, most of them directly linked to Mr Putin’s actions in Crimea after his ally Viktor Yanukovych was ousted by protesters in Kiev.

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