Poroshenko Threatens To Declare Martial Law In Ukraine Within Hours “To Demonstrate Readiness For War”

And where is NATO? Barely present and not ready. American battle tanks have also been removed from Europe.

Furthermore, with Obama in the White House, he will sit idly by while events unfold and Ukraine is erased. What you will see is what happened in Iraq. It’s being toppled by ISIS regardless of how the Obama administration whitewashes and denies it while the Iraqi military is used as a scapegoat. It doesn’t matter who’s right in the blame game because the point is that there’s a breakdown and both sides will bicker while one is being conquered by a third party.

If war breaks out, this will lead to the almost-immediate expulsion of NATO and America from the European continent because it’s simply unprepared and unable. If you need actual proof, look no further than what the White House says.


In the case of any advance of Ukrainian army positions – and who is to say whether there is or not – Ukraine’s President Poroshenko says he will declare martial law across his country within hours. As RT reports, Poroshenko added that Ukraine will “demonstrate its readiness for war, for victory, for defense and for peace.Continue reading