Putin’s long game has been revealed, and the omens are bad for Europe

The last two times Russia signed a pact with Germany, the leader of Europe, it lead to the world’s two most bloodiest wars the Earth has ever seen. War through peace was used twice to gain Europe, a prize Russia has always wanted. This is why Germany is creating a European Army under a United States of Europe now Under Construction.



‘Western officials say Sergei Lavrov was privately incensed in 2014 by Putin’s sudden decision to annex Crimea – but he stuck to the official script..’ Illustration: Noma Bar



Through his writings, Russia’s foreign minister tells us what the president really wants – a historic realignment in his favour

While European leaders believe they are edging towards a solution to the refugee crisis after securing a deal with Turkey, another power watches closely from afar: Russia.

Russia has been accused of “weaponising” the refugee crisis as a way of destabilising Europe – a claim recently reinforced by Nato’s top commander in Europe. That assertion may well be disputed. What is beyond doubt is the continuing need to know what Russia is thinking, and what goals it might pursue as it watches the EU confront multiple crises. Continue reading