Report cites evidence Egypt could be ‘pursuing proliferation’

The Institute for Science and International Security said Egypt could be conducting nuclear activities with applications for the assembly of an atomic bomb.

In a report, the institute urged the United States to pressure the new Islamist regime of President Mohammed Morsi, which receives $1.5 billion in annual aid from Washington, to pledge not to engage in weapons of mass destruction proliferation. Continue reading

On a roll: How Morsi toppled Egypt’s military elite in only one month

In only one month, Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood managed to topple a powerful military elite, something that his friend Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, took nearly a decade to do.

The ruling Muslim Brotherhood has succeeded in this by coopting Egypt’s military command.

Within weeks of assuming office, President Mohammed Morsi persuaded junior members of the Supreme Council of Armed Forces to topple Egypt’s defense minister and chief of staff.

“It [Brotherhood] was able to build strong enough links with some members of SCAF, exploiting personal differences and opportunism rather than ideology,” Hani Sabra, the analyst, said.

Full article: On a roll: How Morsi toppled Egypt’s military elite in only one month (World Tribune)