PLA’s global power projection cannot be stopped: US academic

Exactly what was mentioned here in extra commentary from a previous article is recognized by another major outlet. It’s the only way to make sense out of these moves. Globalizing a military in the name of protecting interests is how America did it, and now China is following in its footsteps to fill the power vacuum a suicidally declining USA is leaving in its wake.


Chinese special forces prepare for anti-terror drills on Oct. 27, 2014. (Photo/CNS)


It will only be a matter of time before the People’s Liberation Army gives China the ability to project “meaningful” force outside its immediate region, according to a commentary published in The National Interest, an American bi-monthly international affairs magazine.

China currently has no bases abroad, no long-range logistics capabilities and only rudimentary satellite coverage, Mastro said, but it does not mean that China cannot have these assets by the end of the decade if it is motivated. Before the turn of the century, few foresaw China possessing its own aircraft carrier or participating in global peacekeeping missions, but these things have already become reality, she added. Continue reading

Euros To Dollars Connection Would Bring The U.S. Economy Down Says New Report From Absolute Wealth

Mr. Gorrie says that “The Federal Reserve is lending dollars to the ECB to keep it afloat. So the safety of the ECB is really the safety of the Fed. How would a euro failure effect the dollar? I talked to our currency expert Jason Fielder about this as well.”

Jason Fielder is a senior currency expert at the think tank Absolute Wealth. “When the euro goes, we all go. All of us,” says Mr. Fielder. ” The dollar is tightly linked to the euro, as are our economies”.

Mr. Gorrie says that Mr. Fielder is correct. “Because the dollar is so linked with the euro, the euro’s demise would eventually destroy the dollar as well. With a collapse in the euro, European nations would be thrown into deep recession. Demand would shrink dramatically; and therefore, the US would suffer as well. Because the EU is the largest trading partner of the US. Political stability, social unrest, and violence may sweep some European countries into deep crisis. Perhaps even leading to military solutions to quell unrest. This is one scenario of many.

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