Cyberwar on the High Seas

Cyberwar may perhaps be addressed, however, no one seems to take into account or bring attention to manchurian chips within the military and highest levels of government. China builds the chips that we put in our computers and use. China also builds the chips that have gotten past security filters and into our military components. The US government has compromised safety to save a Dollar and no one knows exactly how far China has penetrated our critical defense components and infrastructure, with the exception of our intelligence agencies who are likely to keep a tight lid on information released.

The U.S. Navy is preparing to wage cyber warfare attacks against enemies during conflicts and must avoid strategic surprise from a future cyber attack on its networks, according to a strategy report made public Wednesday night.

“The opening salvos of the next war will likely occur in cyberspace and the Navy must be ready,” the report said. “We must organize, train, and resource a credible workforce of cyber professionals and develop forward-leaning, interoperable, and resilient cyberspace capabilities to successfully counter and defeat a determined adversary in cyberspace.” Continue reading