DAVOS:Euro-Zone Bonds A Way Out Of Crisis-Deutsche Bank’s De Weck

Look for it to eventually happen as EU leaders, Merkel in particular, continue calling for further integration as a solution to the EU crisis. This would likely play into China’s hands as it would be more than happy to divest from US bonds as it continues to wage economic war against the United States. It would be the final straw that would break the camel’s back as it would trigger a complete collapse of the United States.

DAVOS, Switzerland (Dow Jones)–A manager at Deutsche Bank AG (DB) said Wednesday that the introduction of euro-zone bonds are a way out of the debt crisis, once closer fiscal integration is achieved.

“Euro-zone bonds are a solution,” Pierre De Weck, who heads the bank’s private wealth management arm, said at the Davos world economic forum.

A painful adjustment process is necessary for the euro zone and it is unfortunate that Germany is opposed to the introduction of euro-zone bonds, he added.

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