Trump declares ‘patience is over’ with North Korea

President Donald Trump declared that the US had run out of patience with North Korea over its nuclear drive Friday as he welcomed South Korea’s new leader Moon Jae-In to talks at the White House.

While Moon has been arguing for greater engagement with Pyongyang as the best way to put the brakes on its nuclear and ballistic missile programs, Trump made clear that he was in no mood to pursue diplomacy with a regime he accused of having no respect for human life. Continue reading

EU to tell Greece time, patience running out

Essentially, Germany enacted good parenting skills and let Greece with its defiant belligerence cry itself into fatigue like a cranky baby for all the world to see. Germany still gave them what they wanted (bailouts) for a limited time in a passive aggressive manner to publicly show Greece overplayed its cards in hand.  Now we’re seeing a new game plan, and that’s to say the screws will be tightened on Greece now that other EU member nations are getting fed up with the whining and desperate tactics, such as playing the Nazi reparations card or kicking the Troika out. However, make no mistake about it, there are no innocent parties, the Euro was designed to fail and all roads still lead back to Berlin which has the entire European continent where it wants it: Under its control.


Euro zone leaders will tell Greece on Thursday that time and patience are running out for its leftist-led government to implement agreed reforms to avert a looming cash crunch that could force it out of the single currency.

“I will repeat to him what I’ve already told him twice: Greece must undertake the necessary reforms, Greece must ensure that the commitments it made to the Eurogroup in 2012 and more recently are followed up on,”European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker told France’s Europe 1 radio. Continue reading