Two Chinese fighter jets intercept US plane over East China Sea

Disputed islands in the East China Sea. (Photo: Reuters)


WASHINGTON: Two Chinese SU-30 aircraft carried out what the US military described on Thursday (May 18) as an “unprofessional” intercept of a US aircraft designed to detect radiation while it was flying in international airspace over the East China Sea.

“The issue is being addressed with China through appropriate diplomatic and military channels,” said Air Force spokeswoman Lieutenant Colonel Lori Hodge. Continue reading

First on CNN: Five Iranian boats fire shots in the Persian Gulf

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The incident began when five small fast boats, believed to be manned by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy approached the cargo vessel just off the coast of the United Arab Emirates but in international water, the official said.

The Iranian boats fired across the bow, and at that point the cargo vessel turned and escaped by entering into UAE territorial waters, according to initial U.S. military reports of the incident. The UAE sent three of its coast guard boats out to the cargo vessel.

The incident began with the Iranians ordering the ship into Iranian waters. When the ships master refused, the Iranians began to fire in a way to try to disable the ship, not just as warning shots, the U.S. official said.

Several shots hit the cargo ship, but did not disable it. The ship went into UAE waters and the Iranians followed it into those territorial waters, continuing to fire, before breaking off. Continue reading

U.S. deploys submarine-hunting jets to disputed air defence zone over East China Sea as tensions in volatile region mount


  • China claims sovereignty over Japanese controlled islands
  • U.S. Navy sends first of six advanced anti-ship aircraft to Japan
  • Fears mount tensions could spark unplanned military incident

China last month established an air defense zone covering islands controlled by Japan and claimed by Beijing – sparking fears that it could lead to an unplanned military incident. 

Now the U.S. Navy is sending P-8 Poseidon patrol aircraft which will strengthen America’s ability to hunt submarines and other vessels in seas close to China. Continue reading