Shocking Passover Blood Moon Predictions by Israeli Rabbi

blood moon tetrad 2014-2015


Rabbi Amram Vaknin, who similarly predicted the events of the Gaza flotilla and the Carmel forest fire in 2010, and Operations Pillar of Defense (2012) and Protective Edge (2014), warns that Israel is facing great judgment and potential danger at this time.

One of Rabbi Vaknin’s students, Gil Nachman, spoke to Breaking Israel News and, quoting the sage, explained that the numeric value of the Hebrew word for blood, dam, which is 44, alludes to the 44th president of the United States.

Vaknin predicted that the 44th president would bring bloodshed (dam) to the Jewish people. It should be noted that the rabbi made this prediction before President Barack Obama’s election to office. Continue reading

170,000 rockets are aimed at Israel’s cities, says IDF intel head

170,000 certainly ups the ante and brings credibility to Iran’s latest threat of slaughtering all of America’s military bases within its reach.

The head of Israel’s most powerful intelligence agency depicted Wednesday a changing battlefield in which offensive cyber capabilities will, in the near future, represent the greatest shift in combat doctrine in over 1,000 years. For now, though, he said, the 170,000 rockets and missiles pointed by enemy states at Israel represented the most pressing threat, a danger he placed even above Iran’s rogue nuclear program.

“Cyber, in my humble opinion, and you don’t have to agree with me, will be revealed in a not very long time as a revolution greater than the creation of gunpowder or the usage of the aerial space at the start of the past century,” said Maj. Gen. Aviv Kochavi, the head of the IDF’s Military Intelligence Directorate. Kochavi, a former infantry officer, called the possibilities inherent in cyber warfare “nearly limitless, and that is not a metaphor.” Continue reading

IDF deploys sixth Iron Dome battery

Newest missile-defense cannon first to be manned solely by reserves soldiers; six more Iron Domes planned

The newest battery is the first to be operated solely by reserves soldiers and is part of a plan to introduce further reserves “one after another,” according to Col. Zvika Haimovitch, the commander of the IAF’s Aerial Defense Division’s Active Defense Wing. Continue reading

It’s War

As described in many previous entries, and as a case in point here, the conflicts will continue to escalate until the region enters into an all-out war. The back-forth-fire can only happen for so long before an incident crosses the proverbial line and sets it off. This is also when things will become dangerous via thousands of terror cells on the American homeland — a place America has never been attacked. Knowing that these terror groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah are proxies for Iran and Syria, look for them to also enter the fray during a regional war. Syria will likely use its chemical weapons stockpile and Damascus will be razed in retaliation while Iran will probably only get set back a few years on its nuclear program.

No matter who or what starts the war, America will be coupled in with Israel as the usual “Great Satan” while America with the current administration will blame Israel for all of the world’s ills. What also remains to be seen is whether the American military can withstand the bombardment of thousands of speedboats and Russian designed supersonic cruise missiles in Iran aimed at the US Navy fleets within the area. The worst case scenario can go further than this, and hopefully it never comes to pass. One can only hope the allied side is well prepared.

The Israeli military commenced what government officials are calling a “widespread campaign on terror sites and operatives in the Gaza Strip, chief among them Hamas and Islamic Jihad targets” after suffering nearly a week of rocket attacks on Israeli territory.

The Israel Defense Forces opened Operation Pillar of Defense with an airstrike on a car carrying the head of Hamas’ military wing Ahmed Jabri. More airstrikes quickly followed and are believed to have targeted other top Gaza-based terrorists and their weapons caches. Update (12:25 PM): The IDF has released video of the strike. Continue reading