Church bells ring anew in freed Mosul district

An Iraqi woman and child stand just outside a shelter built for refugees driven from their homes by Islamic extremists. (Photo, caption courtesy of Voice of the Martyrs)


Iraq (MNN) — Iraqi forces continued a slow-but-steady advance in more of Mosul’s eastern districts last week, according to The Washington Post. Several eastern areas of Mosul have already been liberated from ISIS’ grip. But the whole city’s freedom could still take months to secure.

Emily Fuentes with Open Doors USA says some displaced families from Mosul are trying to decide if and when they should return to the secured districts. Continue reading

TRUNEWS 02/16/16 – David Curry “War Drums Sound”

For those who follow Biblical scripture and need to tie it in into today’s times, this one’s for you:

(Note: you can download the interview in .mp3 format, or hear it at the linked source.)


Rick Wiles opens today’s program by describing the chaos forming in the Middle East, as Saudi Arabia and their 20 nation coalition begin amassing an invasion force for Syria. With Iran and Russia standing firmly behind Assad, and NATO toying with the idea of intervention, the world now sits milliseconds from midnight. Rick will also be joined by David Curry of Open Doors USA to break down how persecution against Christians rose by 40% in 2015.

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