Report: Iran, North Korea forging nuclear, ballistic missile ties

National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), a Paris-based Iranian opposition group, said sources inside Iran revealed that seven officials from the North Korean Defense Ministry were in Iran the last week of April, the third time in 2015 that a North Korean delegation had visited Iran. Continue reading

Nuclear Testing in China’s Western Territory

As the United States has developed the illusion that disarmament would be a demonstration of “moral strength”, and as the nuclear arsenal ages, a rising dragon flouts international agreements and continues to make gains and the upper hand in nuclear weapons capability.

Exclusive interview with a Chinese military veteran

Nuclear Tests Ongoing

Nuclear tests are still being conducted at Lop Nor even after China signed a test ban treaty in 1996.

The CCP rushed its last official nuclear explosion test on July 29th, 1996, right before a United Nations ban. On the same day, the CCP announced that it would suspend nuclear testing, and on Sept. 24, 1996 then CCP Foreign Affair Minister Qian Qichen signed the Comprehensive Test-Ban Treaty along with 60 other countries at the United Nations in New York.

But according to Liu, the tests have not been halted. The CCP has continued its nuclear tests after 1996. It has never stopped. They do the tests at the base or underground on a smaller scale, so it’s not easy for the outside world to detect, he said.

“A former fellow soldier, who is still working on the base, told me this in person the year before last,” Liu said. “The CCP’s way of doing things is gangster style: never leave evidence or written proof. Everything is passed on verbally by people from the top down.”

Liu said, in September 1986 the CCP allowed the Pakistani government to also conduct nuclear testing at the Lop Nor site.

“Pakistani nuclear experts were wearing People’s Liberation Army uniforms at our nuclear testing site. If they were ever spotted by outsiders, they might be mistaken for Uyghur soldiers. But we all knew that there was not a single Uyghur soldier in our unit,” Liu said.

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