Now the EU wants to ‘DEEPEN’ its ties with Turkey as it seeks ‘true union’ after Brexit

If this follows through, it would bring fourth the vision of the true father of the European Union, Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi. He had a vision based on America’s “melting pot” and wanted to breed Europeans into a single race. Bringing in immigrants today by the truckloads will serve to meet this means to an end and give rise to a United States of Europe.


THE EU wants to push member states into a “true union” where military cooperation is “the norm”, according to its post-Brexit strategy paper.

Documents released in the aftermath of last week’s vote reveal that the Brussels club will also “deepen” its ties with Turkey with a view to boosting its chances of joining the bloc.And the Global Strategy document released this week suggests Eurocrats will pursue ever closer political integration in the aftermath of Brexit.

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