America: In the Cybercrosshairs

There’s absolutely nothing more surreal than watching this live map of cyber attacks world wide, updated by the second in real-time.

It shows you who truly is the victim (United States) and who the aggressors are (Russia and China). You might even be surprised to see the amount of attacks originating in Germany.

You’re highly encouraged to click on the link and see for yourself how much of a barrage the United States is taking. As the article states, the only question remaining is how long America can hold on.



America’s utilities, refineries, military systems, water treatment plants and other facilities’ manual switches, gauges and knobs have been heavily replaced by digital switches, computer programs and monitors—all accessible via network. This makes it possible for foreign aggressors to enter U.S. infrastructure and wreak havoc. America’s great leap forward in innovation has also become one of its greatest weaknesses.The Trumpet and others have repeatedly warned of the danger of such dependence. But many people push the warnings aside due to the intangible nature of the threat. People normally can’t actually see enemies hacking into American facilities or business, so it remains out of mind.

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