Russian Ships Arrive On Ukraine’s Crimean Coast As Fears Mount Over Russian Invasion In the Region

Berlin and Washington upped the ante, had the current Kiev regime overthrown and now Moscow has responded. In addition to what DEBKAfile had reported, the Russians are now preparing for potential conflict in the nearby sea. To what extent this will play out is not yet known.

According to Russian news site, Russian military ships carrying soldiers have arrived on Ukraine’s Crimean coast in what some are claiming could be the early signs of a Russian coup in the hotly disputed autonomous region of the Crimea.

Russia’s large landing ship Nikolai Filchenkov has arrived near the Russia Black Sea Fleet’s base at Sevastopol, which Russia has leased from Ukraine since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. Continue reading

Russian marine and air power head for Syria versus Western intervention – “to defend Russian citizens,” says Moscow

Just one day after the G8 Summit ended in the failure of Western leaders to overcome Russian resistance to a resolution mandating President Bashar Assad’s ouster, Moscow announced Wednesday June 19, the dispatch to Syria of two warships carrying 600 Russian marines. They were coming, said the official statement, “to protect the Russian citizens there.” Russian Deputy Air Force Commander Maj.-Gen. Gradusov added that an air force umbrella would be provided the Russian expeditionary force if needed. Continue reading

Two Warships Join Russia’s Mediterranean Task Force

From the state-owned (FSB/KGB) propaganda outlet, RIA Novosti:

MOSCOW, May 21 (RIA Novosti) – Two warships of Russia’s Black Sea fleet joined the country’s Mediterranean task force on Monday, a spokesman for the Russian Black Sea Fleet, Capt. First Rank Vyacheslav Trukhachyov, has said. Continue reading

Russia to deploy amphibious assault ships to protect nationals in Syria

MOSCOW — Russia has reported plans to send a naval force to Syria to protect against the Sunni revolt.

The Russian Navy was said to be planning to sail two amphibious assault ships to the Syrian port of Tartous.

Interfax said the two Russian Navy ships would contain what was termed a large group of marines. Tsezar Kunikov was designed to transport 150 troops and main battle tanks. The Nikolai Filchenkov was said to be able to transport up to 1,500 tons of equipment.

“The crews of the Nikolai Filchenkov and the Tsezar Kunikov and SB-15 rescue tug together with marines on board are able to ensure security of Russian nationals and evacuate part of the property of the logistical support base if need be,” a Russian source told Interfax.

Full article: Russia to deploy amphibious assault ships to protect nationals in Syria (World Tribune)