American votes now counted in Spain

Taking away the NWO-ism notions and objectively keeping political opinion and aside, Michael Savage has a point. Come November, 2012, America may no longer be made in America — we’ll have to look to Spain to find out who will govern the United States.

Moreover, this same company which will now count your vote has also been under heavy cyber attack:

OTTAWA — A massive cyber attack involving more than 10,000 computers was behind the online voting chaos during Saturday’s NDP leadership vote, it was revealed today.

According to Scytl Canada, the company contracted by the party to conduct the vote, a deliberate large scale “distributed denial of service” (DDoS) attempted to deny NDP members access to the online balloting system.

A forensic investigation is ongoing to locate the source of the attack, but the company said it has identified more than 10,000 “malevolent” IP addresses behind the “hundreds of thousands of false voting requests to the system.”

Full article: Cyber attack on NDP leadership vote involved more than 10,000 computers (National Post)