Modern Strategy Concept (II)

After the United States is done suiciding itself and falls into the hands of the Sino-Soviet axis, here’s who your next world superpower is going to be in a post-American world. The Fourth Reich has landed and its EU Army isn’t too far behind. It just needs the loss of American supremacy, which is why kicking out NATO is key.


BERLIN (Own report) – Experts, commissioned by the German defense ministry to formulate a new White Paper, have promoted Germany to the status of a global regulatory force. At a conference, discussing the basic military policy document currently in elaboration Volker Perthes of the government affiliated German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP) also expressed this opinion. According to Perthes, Germany must see itself as a “responsible intermediate power” that “preserves and develops the global order.” Germany’s “regulatory” radius extends from its “eastern neighborhood” to Africa and the Middle East. Other SWP experts expressed similar views in a programmatic document: “Germany’s periphery” has been transformed into an “arc of crisis, extending from the Baltic to the Middle East and Maghreb.” According to the ministry of defense, the German concept of order is based on the EU’s ongoing military integration. The establishment of a “European Defense Union” remains the “ultimate goal.”

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Russian President Vladimir Putin trying to destroy NATO: US commander

NATO is already half destroyed. One attack on a small NATO member such as Lithuania means Article 5 is invoked, which means a risk of nuclear war. Having said that, military leaders realize this risk and with the Obama administration in the White House, expect NATO to do nothing and stand down. The most that will happen is strong condemnation on television screens and maybe an angry letter written to Putin. When this takes place, that will be the nail in the coffin for NATO.

The result would be a disaster. NATO would dissolve over night. When NATO is gone, the United States will get kicked out of an already impatient Europe that wanted to give it the boot a long time ago. That means Europe will rise on its own with its own European Army or join Russia in an alliance.

Although he’s unlikely to go as far as invading Poland, in general, this is exactly what Putin is banking on and what he’s likely to do in some shape or form.

The Soviets are prepared attack as far as Poland 30 minutes before NATO personnel can even get out of bed. NATOs own leaders admit it’s not even ready and that Putin is likely to take action in the Baltic states. It’s not difficult to see militarily who the winner might be, or politically after the fallout.


The commander of the United States army in Europe has accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of seeking to destroy NATO, and accused Russia of having 12,000 troops inside eastern Ukraine.

Speaking to military and political leaders in Berlin, Lieutenant-General Frederick “Ben” Hodges said Russia could seek to use the sort of “hybrid warfare” seen in eastern Ukraine against a NATO member to test the alliance. “I am sure Putin wants to destroy our alliance, not by attacking it but by splintering it,” he said.

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WW4 File: Syrian civil war portends superpower showdown as Russia and Iran arm Assad, commander of Iran’s elite Quds Force shows up in Damascus, reconfirms support for mutual defense pact…

Last Thursday, Nikolai Patrushev, secretary of the Russian Security Council and ex-boss of the Federal Security Service (FSB/KGB), said he had seen intelligence indicating that NATO’s plans for a military incursion into Syria were “well advanced.” Kommersant quoted him as saying:

We are getting information that NATO members and some Persian Gulf states, operating according to the Libya scenario, intend to move from indirect intervention in Syrian affairs to direct military intervention.

This time it is true that the main strikes forces will not be provided by France, the U.K. or Italy, but possibly by neighbouring Turkey, which was until recently on good terms with Syria and is a rival of Iran with immense ambitions.

America and Turkey were even now possibly already refining options for a no-fly zone that would allow armed Syrian opposition fighters to mass in the designated areas.

Russia’s outgoing NATO envoy, Dmitry Rogozin, was more direct. “You shouldn’t interfere in Syrian affairs. This is very dangerous,” he told reporters in Brussels.

With an eye to protecting Russia’s periphery, the combative Rogozin also told reporters that an attack against Iran is the same as an attack against Russia.“Iran is our neighbor,” Rogozin rumbled, “And if Iran is involved in any military action, it’s a direct threat to our security. But at the same time, we believe that any country has the right to have what it needs to feel comfortable, including Iran.” Rogozin, referring to this past year’s Arab Spring coups across the Muslim world and the recent assassination of an Iranian nuclear scientist, warned that more attacks on Iran could cause “a scorching Arab Summer.” For his part, career Chekist Patrushev accused Israel of provoking the USA towards war against Iran, a warning that Interfax published on Friday.

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