Dissident Reveals Secret Chinese Intelligence Plans Targeting U.S.


Guo Wengui calls China communist system a ‘kleptocracy,’ vows reform

China earlier this year ordered the dispatch of 27 intelligence officers to the United States as part of a larger campaign of subversion, according to a leading Chinese dissident.

Guo Wengui, a billionaire real estate mogul, disclosed what he said was an internal Communist Party document authorizing the Ministry of State Security to send the spies, described as “people’s police officers.” Continue reading

Pentagon: ‘Revanchist’ Russia seeking path of aggression

Work spoke at the Norwegian-American Defense Conference at the National Press Club, where he hailed Norway’s commitment to global peace and security, U.S. Department of Defense reports.

Europe and, by extension, NATO, faces challenges from 360 degrees, the deputy secretary said. To the east, west and north, it faces a “resurgent and apparently antagonistic Russia,” while from the south and from within, terrorism and violent extremism are concerns. Continue reading

Napolitano warns large-scale cyberattack on US is inevitable (Video)

Outgoing Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano warned her successor on Tuesday to move quickly to prepare for an inevitable large-scale cyberattack against the United States.

Napolitano, delivering her farewell address at the National Press Club, said her successor should move fast to strengthen the nation’s cyber defenses. Continue reading