Deutsche Bank CEO calls for cross-border bank mergers in EU

Deutsche Bank CEO John Cryan has called for cross-border bank mergers in Europe.

  • John Cryan: “We need more mergers, at a national level, but even also across national borders.”
  • “Scattered regionalism among banks placing unacceptable squeeze on bank profits and long-term sustainability.”
  • Top executives of Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank held talks on a potential combination in early Aug.
  • Source: “There was a round of talks in late August in which (Deutsche Bank Chief Executive) John Cryan and (Chief Financial Officer) Marcus Schenck were present.”
  • Deutsche and Commerzbank combined market value 26 billion euros ($29 billion), half of France’s BNP Paribas.
  • Both Deutsche and Commerzbank slipping down the rankings of the continent’s top banks.
  • Georg Fahrenschon, savings bank association head: “Recent demands for fundamental consolidation among banks are not appropriate.”
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Russian, Chinese, Indian FMs discuss new Asia-Pacific security architecture

Meeting in New Delhi Sunday, the Foreign Ministers of Russia, India and China looked into ways to equip Asia and the Pacific with a radically new international relations and security architecture. Continue reading

Germany—Changing Borders?

Two events in Germany recently highlighted moves being considered by the government mooting changes to Germany’s national borders and also changes to its own federal state structure.

Being aware of the strong centralist tendencies of the German mind and also the Bible prophecy relating to Germany’s ultimate—though short-term—destiny to head 10 regional powers in Europe, we have long anticipated these developments.

Professor Koch maintains that, as of the current date, the unconditional recognition of Germany’s border with Poland has never been concluded. If this is the case, it leaves the situation wide open for Germany, by far the stronger regional power in Europe, to pursue a change to its eastern borders with a compliant Polish leadership.

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