U.S. official claims Russia could defeat NATO forces

(TRUNEWS) A U.S. defense official has warned that Russia could defeat NATO forces in just 60 hours.

Michael Carpenter, the U.S. Deputy assistant secretary of defense for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia has told a Senate Foreign Relations Committee that NATO was not prepared, and could not adequately defend members Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, as reported by News.com.au.

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Putin must be stopped now or Russia will advance to ‘border with Poland or Germany’ says Nadia Savchenko

And she is 100% correct.

A Russian official close to Putin says Russia will have to eventually invade Europe and go as far as Poland via carpet bombing — all within 30 minutes and before NATO would even have a clue about what just happened.


“We have to strike Poland and the Baltic States, where there are NATO rockets and aircraft. Since we cannot allow one plane to take off and strike Russia – we will have to strike first – half an hour before takeoff. And to be sure, we will be carpet bombing.  America is not a threat, but the small midget states of Europe will cease to exist. They will be wiped out. Then NATO will have to beg us for negotiations. Otherwise we will give them again a May ’45.”
– Vladimir Zhirinovsky, August 2014 (Television interview, 8.08.2014.)


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Russia Prepares for War


Vladimir Putin must be stopped now or Russian forces will advance to the “border with Poland or Germany”, according to the war heroine turned politician described as Ukraine’s “Joan of Arc”.

Nadia Savchenko was released from a Russian prison only two weeks ago. The female pilot – who was the first woman to fly a Ukrainian helicopter gunship and the first to graduate from the Air Force Academy – was captured while fighting pro-Russian rebels in the east in June 2014.

After being consigned to a Russian jail, Ms Savchenko was elected to Ukraine’s parliament from her cell. She used her trial to heap scorn on the judge, the prosecutor and Mr Putin in particular, labelling them variously as “criminals” and “idiots”.

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