The Backbone of the Air Force

A German government affiliated think tank is drafting scenarios for future German wars. The Bundeswehr must adapt itself to counterinsurgency operations and removing reprehensible regimes from power, explained the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP). According to this research institute, the Eurofighter, which is certified to have a “multifunctional capability,” will play a principal role. Because of the various types of bombs it carries, this jet fighter is considered excellent for close air support for ground troops, which has regularly led to massacres of civilians in Afghanistan. Secondly, the Eurofighter is considered essential for the “neutralization” of enemy “air warfare potential,” to create the conditions for “constant bombing” such as in Libya. In general, the SWP sees the Eurofighter as a “airborne computer network” with “perpetual update capabilities,” which has the capacity for becoming the “future backbone” of the German Air Force. The combat jet has also chances of being a good export item. After the Eurofighter went through its “baptism of fire” in the NATO attack on Libya, there were numerous interested buyers, particularly in the Middle East.

Full article: The Backbone of the Air Force (German Foreign Policy)