Watching America’s Collapse

Existence is running out for America

In the 1950s and 1960s the United States was a vibrant society. Upward mobility was strong, and the middle class expanded. During the 1970s the internal contradiction in Keynesian demand management resulted in stagflation. Reagan’s supply-side economic policy cured that. With a sound economy under him, Reagan was able to pressure the Soviet government, which was unable to solve its economic problem, to negotiate the end of the cold war. Continue reading

Fox Throws Judge Napolitano under the Bus

The point of bringing this article to light is not that Judge Napolitano was sanctioned (although that’s bad enough) by Fox News for stating fact, but that Fox News is the other side of the same coin. Along with CNN, MSNBC, NBC, BBC, etc… Fox News has the same mission of propaganda but panders to the right. It panders to the right, but over the years has made a slow movement of reining in right-wingers and slowly shifting them to the left. That’s the issue, and in the Napolitano incident, Faux News took away an information supplying source that gives the political right a foundation to stand on.


Fox News anchor Bret Baier likes to end his Special Report broadcast with the claim that Fox News is “fair, balanced and unafraid.” Well, Fox News seems not to be fair when it throws contributor Judge Andrew Napolitano under the bus for linking surveillance of Team Trump to Team Obama’s links with British intelligence. Continue reading

The Collapse in the Rule of Law – What is Wrong With Government?

The collapse in the rule of law is so vital for sustaining the economy that it is often overlooked. The issue of “Clinton Cash”, combined with the FBI’s new scandal of outright murdering people using false evidence, is indicative of how empires, nations, and city-states die. Hillary knows that no matter what she does, she will NEVER be held accountable. With the outright criminal activity she has engaged in, any one of us would be serving 20 years in prison. These facts are simply true – not a political spin. She is not alone, all those in government, with few exceptions, look upon us as not merely the great unwashed, but outright stupid fools. Those in MSNBC will spin this as just Republicans bashing Hillary. She can do no wrong – EVER. Then you will have FOX taking the opposite view. But between the two extremes lies the sad truth: they can, and do, get away with murder and theft, for ONLY government can criminally prosecute – we have no right to justice. Continue reading

How Vladimir Putin Weaponized Russia’s Media

After decades of wielding Soviet-style hard power, Moscow is developing a subtler form of influence.

Vladimir Putin is a news junkie.

The Russian president’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, didn’t use that expression when we talked by phone, but that’s what he described to me: a man at the center of an ever-churning machine processing vast amounts of news and data at his command.

“Sometimes we’re wondering what is the limit for a human being for absorbing this huge amount of information,” Peskov told me, “but, well, it’s really a very, very, very heavy job.”

Peskov, speaking fluent English, described the operation. “First of all, the information and press department of the presidential administration prepares digests on print media, on Internet sources, on domestic media—federal and regional. Continue reading