Admiral: North Korea Can Hit U.S. With Long-Range Nuclear Missile

Pyongyang shows off new variant of mobile ICBM

North Korea is capable of hitting the United States with a long-range nuclear missile, the commander of the U.S. Northern Command said last week.

“I agree with the intel community that we assess that they have the ability, they have the weapons, and they have the ability to miniaturize those weapons, and they have the ability to put them on a rocket that can range the homelands,” said Adm. William Gortney, the Northcom commander who is also in charge of defending the United States from long-range missile attack.

“And as the defender of North America, the United States officially, in the ballistic missile defense, I think the American people expect me to take the threat seriously,” he said Wednesday at the Atlantic Council. Continue reading

North Korea claims major nuclear weapons breakthrough with ‘miniaturised’ warheads that can be delivered by missile

North Korea claims it has made a major breakthrough in its nuclear weapons programme, making warheads small enough to fit on missiles.

In a statement issued by its National Defence Commission via the official KCNA news agency, a spokesman said that Kim Jong-un’s secretive state was willing to use the technology to “defend the North” and warned the US not to challenge its military development. Continue reading