U.S. Pacific Pivot Raises Concerns On NATO Naval Abilities: Report

The U.S. is refocusing its attention on the Pacific at a time when its NATO partners may need to depend more heavily on American maritime power, an American Enterprise Institute report says.

“The US must recognize that even with its navy declining in size, over time, it will comprise an increasing percentage of alliance striking power,” says the report, “NATO at Sea, Trends in Allied Naval Power,” released this week. Continue reading

Report: US military too reliant on foreign suppliers

DAYTON, Ohio — A new report said urgent action should be taken to reduce the U.S. military’s dependence on foreign suppliers for raw materials, parts, and finished products needed to defend the nation.

Remaking American Security: Supply Chain Vulnerabilities & National Security Risks Across the U.S. Defense Industrial Base,” was authored by retired Brigadier Gen. John Adams and commissioned and funded by the Alliance for American Manufacturing, a domestic industry advocacy group that’s a partnership between U.S. manufacturers and the United Steelworkers union. Continue reading

U.S. Colleges Infected by Foreign Spies: FBI

“Placing academics at U.S. research institutions under the guise of legitimate research offers access to developing U.S. technologies and cutting-edge research” in such areas as information systems, lasers, aeronautics and underwater robots, the report said.

Enabling China

Over the years, American universities have enabled China “to leapfrog into the cutting edge of military capability on the way to superpower status,” Richard Fisher, senior fellow on Asian Military Affairs at the International Assessment and Strategy Center in Alexandria, Virginia, said in an e-mail.

Chen Dingchang, the head of a Chinese military-sponsored working group on anti-satellite technology, led a delegation in 1998 to the University of Florida to learn about diamond-coating manufacturing, used in missile seekers and other systems, said Mark Stokes, executive director of the Project 2049 Institute in Arlington, Virginia, which studies Chinese aerospace technology. In a 1999 report in a Chinese journal, the authors, including Chen, said the university’s cooperation would assist in overcoming a technical bottleneck in China’s development of anti-satellite warheads.

Full article: U.S. Colleges Infected by Foreign Spies: FBI (Bloomberg Businessweek)

Xi Jinping May Have to Heed Military Hot Heads

As a change of leadership in China draws near there are a few crucial points people need to be aware of. One, Xi Jinping is a moderate Communist, yet a Communist is a Communist. Two, there is a struggle within the political structure where the military war hawk Communists are attempting to take the hold on power from the more moderate political structure of Jinping and current leader Hu Jintao currently control. Should Jinping, who is favored by Jintao, not be the one to lead China; America should expect more transparency. However, not the transparency America is thought to be looking for.

Being that China is already engaged in economic warfare against the United States, technology theft (for decades) to enhance military capability in giving them the edge in warfare — both already acts of war — what else is left? One should expect that China be openly hostile and war-like. This same hardline Communist power structure within the PLA vying for power has also called for the outright extermination of the USA via biological warfare to depopulate the country and prepare it for a future massive Chinese colonization. Yes, you read that correctly. China is also not even the least bit afraid of a third world war in order to protect Iran. Make no mistake, this is not politics as usual and these are not your average sabre rattlers. Combine all this with a destructive and inept administration giving the heart of the US defense and global peacemaking deterrent away (among other things) to those who ‘share’, you now have all the makings of a true world crisis brewing.

What’s more is that most people would rather focus on Kim Kardashian as they believe it’s the “real news” of the day and continue being part of what geopolitical expert JR Nyquist calls the shopping mall regime.

To the average reader unfamiliar with world events, geopolitics, military history or the drivers behind leadership in countries such as China et al, this may sound like what some would superficially label as ‘fear mongering’. However, to those who have been tuned in for years realize that this is the real world around us — and it sees America as an empire in decline with a shortening list of allies and as an increasingly irrelevant superpower. What happens with the next leadership transition will mean a big deal.

The following article excerpts underscore the point of what’s possibly to come:

Xi Jinping, who is completing a four-day tour of the United States, is expected to take the helm of the regime in fall of this year.

But, according to Lam, “Xi Jinping’s major power base is not in the Party, not in the government, but in the PLA,” or the People’s Liberation Army.

New entrants to the Politburo Standing Committee, the central power organ of the Communist Party, have to consolidate their position quickly, Lam indicated.

“There is a vast number of princeling generals,” Lam said, referring to generals who are the sons of early communist revolutionaries.

Generals began issuing aggressive statements about potential warfare scenarios, and portrayed the United States as an enemy and an aggressor bent on “containing” China.

“In the last four years we’ve seen a very disturbing increase both in terms of the frequency and harshness of messages of generals,” Lam said.

“Many of my friends in Beijing who are liberal academics were very disturbed,” he added.

In particular, Lam said, “in the past several months we have seen an exacerbation and escalation of this totally irresponsible, even to the point of warmongering, statements, made by these generals.”

Full article: Xi Jinping May Have to Heed Military Hot Heads (Epoch Times)