Iran: ‘We Welcome War With the U.S.’

As was mentioned a long time ago several times (see also HERE, HERE and HERE), when (not if) the all-out regional war commences, expect every U.S. military base in the Middle East to be a target for thousands of Iranian missiles which are well within reach. The losses would be a catastrophic blow to America even though it would likely win a prolonged war against Iran at this moment in time. Because of Iran’s mutual defense pact with Syria, expect them to get involved and just set the entire Middle East on fire. Their Hezbollah, Hamas and other terrorist proxies would also be used. Israel would suffer attacks and have to retaliate. Hundreds, if not thousands of sleeper cells who have been waiting in America for years, could likely be given the green light to carry out their attacks. Don’t forget about the economic shock effect this would have on the global economy, especially as the Strait of Hormuz would be closed and possibly the Suez Canal. None of this even includes the nuclear war scenario should Israel fear for its existence.

This is a worst case scenario that hopefully would never happen, however, it’s better to be psychologically prepared for the anticipated fallout — which is why it’s very crucial to follow events even though it’s repetitive ‘bad news’ that you don’t want to hear.


A senior Iranian military commander on Wednesday said the Islamic Republic would “welcome war with the U.S.” and “set fire to every military base from which a hostile U.S. plane takes off,” according to reports in Iran’s state-controlled media.

Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Commander Hossein Salami threatened the U.S. during a television interview aired on Tehran’s state-run television. Continue reading

Iranian commander says collapse of US empire is near

The deputy commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, Brig.-Gen. Hossein Salami said that the US’s status in the world has deteriorated and that its collapse is near.

“Today nowhere in the Muslim world” does anyone pull out “a red carpet for American officials and that’s why [US President Barack] Obama secretly” showed up at Bagram military base in Afghanistan without first letting President Hamid Karzai know, said Salami according to a report by Iran’s Fars news agency. Continue reading

Beijing Says Okinawa May Belong to China

China’s main newspaper said on Wednesday that Beijing is unsure of Japan’s sovereignty over the island of Okinawa—the home of key U.S. military bases.

A long-winded article in the People’s Daily—the mouthpiece of China’s ruling Communist Party—said that Beijing may rightfully own the Ryukyu island chain, which includes Okinawa. The island is home to 1.3 million people, who are much more closely related to Japan than to China in terms of both ethnicity and linguistics. The Ryukyus chain was a sort of vassal state of China before Japan annexed it in 1879, and now the Chinese say it should return to them based on post-World War II measures requiring Japan to return territories that it took from Beijing. Continue reading