Cutting Budgets and Increasing Nuclear Dangers (Part 2)

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The US defense budget was unveiled by the administration and sent to Congress February 9, 2016 and already the “military critics” and their long knives are anticipating how to disembowel critical elements of our nation’s military.

For example, Mr. Gordon Adams, previously at the Office of Management and Budget in the Clinton administration and Mr. Lawrence Korb at the Center for American Progress, are both calling for the dismantlement of the US nuclear deterrent.

Mr. Adam’s proposals not only will save almost no money over the near term, any delay in the acquisition of the new submarine is fraught with danger. For example, already the hull life we are expecting from the current submarines will be greater than any other submarine in our nation’s history. Continue reading

U.S. Air Force Lacks Preparedness for Syria Strike

If these cuts have affected the US Military’s ability to strike (or even defend), imagine the impact of the USA suicidally reducing its nuclear arsenal, which is already underway — while Russia and China both build theirs up and modernize. The fact that both Russia and China are also building their “Star Wars” programs to weaponize space (while the USA is not, again) shows in itself they have no intention of playing by the same rules they agreed to, nor do they plan on staying on the same military capability level as America. The last modern American nuclear ICBM was built in the late 1990’s. If one has been paying attention to the news the last five years, they would realize that China and Russia are close to, or on par, with US Military capabilities. They just don’t advertise as much. One could also expect them to surpass US capabilities before 2020, if not earlier.

General Mark Welsh has said recent cutbacks to the U.S. Air Force have limited it’s readiness to carry out a major offensive.

Emphasizing cuts including the grounding of tactical combat squadrons earlier this year, Welsh said the Air Force would carry out any mission assigned to it but added,  “We are not going to be as ready as we would like.” Continue reading

Military chiefs oppose removing commanders from sexual assault probes

This is essentially nothing short of radicals attempting to take control over the nation’s military, through false sex claims. The abrubt dismissals of General Patraeus, AFRICOM Commander General Carter Ham, Rear Admiral Admiral Charles M. Gaouette and many more are more than a random fluke. However, nobody recognizes a coup when they see one and likely nothing will be done to stop the onslaught. Afterall, it’s impossible for this to happen in America.

Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin said there may be public confusion about the military’s reporting process. Referring to media reports that there is only one way to report sexual assault, the Michigan Democrat asked each of the military heads at a hearing if there currently are multiple options in addition to notifying a unit commander. They replied yes.

They also told the committee that instances of commanders ignoring their judge advocate generals’ advice in sexual assault cases are extremely rare. Continue reading