China Makes First Show of Force From New Foreign Base

China Makes First Show of Force From New Foreign Base

Chinese military personnel took part in a show-of-force demonstration at its new base in Djibouti following an alleged incursion by “Japanese frogmen.”



Chinese soldiers demonstrated their combat readiness during a show-of-force event at their new base in Djibouti, located on the Red Sea, and is China’s’s first base on foreign soil. Continue reading

PLA Navy conducts drill in western Pacific

A training drill involving PLA Navy airplanes and warships was conducted east of the Bashi Channel in the Western Pacific June 10, the People’s Daily reported, citing a military spokesperson.

Chinese navy spokesperson Liang Yang said the ships and aircraft carried out several exercises simulating real combat conditions in waters east of the Bashi Channel, situated between the south of Taiwan and the Philippines. Continue reading